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It could be nerve-racking to see your tree branches get tied up with the utility cord. The thought of the limbs falling off on a windy day, tugging on the cord is unpleasant. It could even be more annoying having to deal with the problem. Trimming the limbs off can be pretty difficult depending on the height and size of the tree. It could be pretty complicated to handle when it is close to contact with fragile components. No need to worry because we are a tree service from Gulfport MS that specializes in tree trimming. 

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One of the most common tree care is cutting the branches. It helps the trees look neatly shaped and flourish all season. Crown reduction and lifting are the subcategories of maintenance. Removing the outer edge of the trees is called crown reduction. Cutting off the lower half of the tree branches, giving a lifted appearance is called crown lifting. Pruning is the practice of cutting specific parts of the branch to allow the proper growth of the plant. Cutting off the wrong parts or too much of the tree could lead to permanent damage. Which is why it is recommended to have a professional arborist to prune the trees. This process is usually done in the fall or winter when plants are less active. Pruning is a very delicate and precise process that our team is trained to do. Which is why we recommend calling our company for any tree trimming related services.

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Trimming your branches could become necessary when it comes to preventing the over the decaying of your tree. Decaying trees are caused by a lack of maintenance, active growth of the disease, or damaged by severe weather. It is important to treat the decomposing tree quickly to prevent the spread of the condition to other trees. Some signs of early decaying are often from the branches. You may notice some dark discoloration, spots on the leaves, and even more. Cutting the decaying branches is a perfect way to conserve your precious trees. However, if you missed the signs and you’re concerned about the health of your trees, please have us assess the trees. 

Unexpected severe storms such as hurricanes could impact trees. Branches can split and potentially fall, causing unfortunate accidents. One example is large branches falling on top of the roof during the storm. Tree trimming plays a detrimental role in preventing the worst accidents from occurring during the most hazardous times. Some of our clients prefer a different route of adding structural support to their trees by adding cabling and bracing systems. Feel free to contact us to discuss your option of tree accident prevention. 

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As a company in Gulfport MS, we hold a great reputation for offering value to our customers. We are up-front about giving our professional opinions and reasonings. Our tree service company believes in having quality tree services at fair prices. Our team is trained to trim tree with precision and delicacy with small trees. Yet, we are efficient and tough with large trees. We have the resources and the right tools to tackle any circumstances. 

Although we primarily serve in Gulfport, we are flexible with long-distance traveling up to a 40-mile radius of the gulf coast: Biloxi, Long Beach, Lyman, Mississippi City, Springs, Cuevas, Pass Christian, De Lisle and more!