Stump Removal Gulfport MS

What people don’t know is that stumps are still living so it will suck all the nutrients and water from surrounding trees and plants. You might notice the surrounding discolored or dead grass and plants nearby the stump. This is why many professional tree service companies encourage removing the stump after removing the tree. Although it is an extra expense, stump removal is worth it to prevent future misfortune events. 

Imagine the stump as an open living wound, without taking proper care of it, it could attract some unattractive matters. The stump could become infected and attract mold and insects. In some cares, it could attract and spread it to the house, causing an infestation. This is a health hazard to you, your property, and all living things. Some signs of decaying trees are white powdery mildew, growth of mushrooms, the mass of crawling insects, and peeling of the wood. Make sure to call a professional arborist to assess the situation.

stump grinding Gulfport

Stump Grinding Gulfport MS

A stump can be a health hazard, especially to children and elders. As we all know, children love to run around, but there could be accidents of the child tripping over the stump. Or they could get distracted and not even notice a large block of wood in the middle of the yard. Removing the stump will not only prevent future incidents, but it could also prevent a lawsuit. Imagine if you have a stump near the edge of the side-walk and your neighbor tripped over the stump. Non-family members can sue you for causing them hard. To protect yourself and your family, please contact us for convenient inspection.

The top reason our clients request for stump removal is that it is frankly unattractive! Imagine looking at a gorgeous house with beautiful green cut grass, then noticed a chunk of exposed wood. It takes away the elegant appearance of your property. Removing a stump is important, especially in a professional environment. Which is why we offer stump removal under our commercial tree service list.

tree service company Gulfport MS

Tree Service Company Gulfport MS

stump grinding Gulfport MS

We understand that there is a degree of risk and danger to stump removal. Which is why we go through the detailing measures to secure the area before and during the removing process. Our company has many years of experience using a power stump grinding machine. Within the process of stump extraction, we also enact root extraction. We feel that this step is very important because without removing the leftover pieces, it could still take the nutrients away from other plants. After root and stump extraction, we have the practice of cleaning out the place spotless. We have a great reputation for our professionalism and efficiency to get work done, leaving amazing results.